Sustainable & Alcohol-free

Spark Of An Idea

Nature provides for us all through the air we breathe & the food that we consume. Our internal and external environment reflects our state of well being. By acknowledging the unseen and seen aspect of this reality it was important to create a brand that focused on the natural rhythms of the Earth.

It seemed impossible to call ourselves a conscious label without living it in our daily lives, which translated to all of the values that have been implemented in its foundation. The land provides and by spirit all is sustained. There wouldn't be a Nefer Kemet without the natural ingredients used in the fragrance; so it was very important to constantly be able to give back to the source of all creation.

It started by wanted to create a roll-on scent only, then the idea of using a formula that could spray yet didn't contain any alcohol or harmful ingredients began to influence what is now the form of this brand's ethos. The quest for further sustainability continued the more Nefer Kemet was developed. It is pleasing to see how this entity has taken shape, here are more details about its sustainable efforts and the alcohol-free formula we are fortunate to provide.

a flowing river beautiful nature

Eco-friendly Is The Way

At Nefer Kemet we prize being sustainable in all areas of the business and being transparent is important to the line's philosophy. Integrity through responsible relations to the earth, its inhabitants and ourselves is the way of being a clean, conscious brand. At Nefer Kemet, it is understood that being sustainable isn't a one time thing, but a continuous effort.

Packaging & Mailing

  • Biodegradable packaging containers
  • Biodegradable poly mailers
  • Reusable mailers for bottle refills

Refill Incentive

Instead of allowing patrons to throw out their empty perfume bottles, Nefer Kemet will implement a refill system on ALL perfume sizes - even the roll-ons. There is nothing too small of a detail when living in harmony with the environment and universal alignment. Empty bottles can be resent to the company and someone will gladly refill them once again. This is where the reusable mailers are utilized. We also request that the biodegradable containers are kept for future refills to help protect the bottles during transit. Each of us has a role to play in preserving the beauty and health of our planet.


Alcohol-Free Perfume

It's been established that water and oil do not mix! Yet, with this cutting edge technology it has been made possible. For the spray perfumes, the use of what is called WPE® (water-plant emulsion) is what brings the best of both worlds in the skincare and fragrance sectors. The patented fragrance-in-water formula is fairly new to the perfume market, and here at Nefer Kemet we are honored to be able to present this. WPE® doesn't require alcohol and free of surfactants and solvents; leaving the formula to its utmost purity for those who are interested in clean beauty products.

How It Becomes Possible

WPE® (water-plant emulsion) uses microscopic droplet fragrance and suspends it in water. The fine microemulsion droplets are smaller than a cell. It has been noted that one spray = 2 billion Ultradrops® of fragrance. This process creates a perfume formula that is unique in appearance because if its resemblance of milk. This clean beauty innovator is a game changer with its all natural ingredients and doesn't contain allergens. There is also no use of synthetic raw materials. WPE® doesn't create the loud, overwhelming effects such as commonly found in alcohol perfumes but a more personable, intimate wholeness; instead of the fragrance wearing you, you will be wearing it.


Why We Say "No"

Alcohol in perfumes contain polluting chemicals that isn't suited for the natural biome of the human body. It is a dehydrator, inside and out. At Nefer Kemet, we care about our customers' wellbeing. Polyethylene Glycols can lead to long term skin damage such as dermatitis and allergies. As a brand embodying the heart and soul of ancient Egypt and considering the Egypt of today, Nefer Kemet would like it to be possible for people to partake in the brand regardless of their religious affiliations. Thus, having an alcohol-free brand welcomes a wide variety of needs and concerns. It is even safe to use for children.