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Nefer Kemet Akhet Collection

Fragrance fit for the Divine

Just like the mysterious ancient Egypt, Nefer Kemet’s artisanal scents are intended for the seekers of unique olfactory experiences that inspires wonder of self. Nefer Kemet’s perfumes are the personification of the wearer’s personality. Allow these scents to become your signature fragrance. Invoking your individualized nature through smell. To know yourself through the note composition of each bottle is the outcome of creating a perfume that is one of a kind.


Where quality speaks for itself in the form of thoughtful gestures

Without compromising on integrity, sustainability was the focal point of telling this story. From the natural ingredients that are safe for the delicate body, the introduction of alcohol-free fine fragrance that is suitable for those who are wanting the hydrating and moisturizing effects of water-based perfume, the biodegradable packaging that will not harm the environment but is apart of the regenerative cycle of the earth,  to the refill incentive preventing perfectly good bottles from being disposed and creating unnecessary waste; Nefer Kemet went above and beyond in its conscious effort of being an ancient brand in the modern times.


Nefer Kemet is timeless wisdom of antiquity

In the earlier process of development, this brand was a wish upon a star. Conceived by thought, it went many weeks without taking form or name. Until deep inquiry one night, the name was given. Nefer Kemet was sprouting as a seedling in the universe, vibrating its own frequency. Nefer meaning “good, pleasing, beautiful”. It also refers to the structural foundations that stand the test of time such as the sphinx and pyramids. Kemet derived from the word “Khem” or “Kem” meaning “black land”.

It was in reference to the transmutation of the soil along the Nile River. What was seen as being a harsh living environment, flourished with vast richness of the land that allowed this civilization to thrive. “Khem” is also the etymology for the word “Alchemy”. In this context, Nefer Kemet means, “Beautiful Black Land”. From one substance transformed into another, the black land produced, sustained, and replenished its people in all areas of life; mentally, physically and spiritually.


a photo of a gorgeous divinity in the fleshdivinity :: light incarnate

Nefer Kemet was to pay homage of a personal transformation. The idea started to take form in 2020 which led her to learn more about the ancient culture and sustainable practice. She is now a fully devoted Kemetic practioner in the ancient system called Sema Tawi and Shetaut Netrit(goddess mysteries). For her appreciation of ancient Egypt and her sustainable lifestyle, she realized they were one in the same, which uncovered a deeper truth that all is connected. Besides perfumes, Erika is vegan, an environmentalist, musician (producer & vocalist), sound healer and a traveler of time and space. "Through this brand we present to you heritage, celebration, and authentic expression of the land before time. Dua Kemet! Adorations black land!"

-Erika, Founder & CEO